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You can make a difference in a homeless dogs life ... because of you Rescue is possible!

K9 Rescue Me is a non-profit registered charity organization that helps to financially support reputable k9 Rescue Organizations.

We are asked so often, by so many people, “what can I do to help?” Those of you familiar with k9 Rescue Groups know that we do not run a shelter program, and we are staffed 100% by volunteers who foster pets in need in their homes. It is our goal to support these animals in their transition to their new forever families in a home environment were we can see then thrive and start on a new happy life. We do our best to keep our overhead costs as low as possible, we have no paid employees, no shelter, and all funds donated go back directly to the dogs in our care. We are in constant need of volunteers to foster, and transport dogs, but more importantly we are always in need of funds.

As rescue has evolved over the years, we are constantly inundated with more and more dogs needing to come into our care, from families needing to surrender, abuse/neglect cases, and more frequently from shelters that are over capacity and would have to euthanize these animals if rescue doesn’t step in. It is our goal to save as many lives as we possibly can, but we can’t do it without your support.

The groups working together under the k9 Rescue Me umbrella receive no government support of any kind and we are funded solely on the donations of our generous supporters.

In 2007 the k9 Rescue Me groups rescued over 1300 dogs in need and spent close to $500,000 in associated costs for their care. We have already exceeded these numbers in 2008, and the year is not done yet.

You can make a difference in a homeless dog’s life; any donation of any amount makes a difference.

When donating to k9 Rescue Me, you can indicate the rescue you would like to support or make your donation to support all the k9 Rescue Me members and help so many dogs of so many different breeds that are needing a second chance.

Workplace Giving

So many people are pet owners, and what better way to work as a team with your co-workers than supporting dogs in need! Why not help some dogs that aren’t nearly as lucky as the ones you have at home!

Below are some fun workplace activities and things to consider that you can do to help!

What Your Company or Organization Can Do To Help

There are several companies and organizations that help their employees raise funds for their favorite causes, look into these policies at your place of work and spread the word!

Matching Gifts - Many companies have created a matching funds program whereby they match any donations that their employees make to a charity - some of these notable companies include: Scotiabank, The Gap, Investors Group, Bayer and Telus.

If you are interested in knowing if your company does offer this type of program please inquire with your Human Resources department. If your company does offer Matching Gifts please let us know! The more people that take advantage of these generous programs mean that we will be able to help more dogs in need.

Talk to your company about doing a Rescue Me Jeans Day - Who doesn't love wearing jeans in the office? Talk to your employer about running a Jeans Day once a quarter to support k9 Rescue. Have your co-workers donate $5 and wear jeans for the animals! Email us in advance and we will send you posters and stickers for this great event! Email us at: with the Subject: Jeans Day

Just think, if there are 50 people in your office and even half of you donate to wear jeans then you will raise $125! Do this 4x per year then you will raise $500 in support of Rescue!

Support the United Way through Payroll Deductions - Many businesses are now offering payroll deductions through the United Way set up by your employer – your United Way deductions can be assigned to k9 Rescue Me and you can help support so many dogs in need! Please make sure you list Charity #: 81007 3544 RR0001 on your United Way forms. Donating $5 from every pay cheque and you will be donating over $100 a year to a cause that is near and dear to your heart.

Because of your Rescue is possible. Thank you for your support! Until there are none, rescue one! You helped save a life today.

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